List of publicly available Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios

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I would like to thank Architect Trailblazers, Flow Republic, Andrew Hart , Ladies Be Architect & Tameem Bahri for the below scenarios.

  1. City Scooter Share
  2. Laptop to School
  3. Green Roof Systems
  4. Pollard Financial Services
  5. Galaxy Cars (Retired by Salesforce)
  6. Clean Bikes (Retired by Salesforce)
  7. Universal Safety Technologies
  8. Greenhouse Recycling
  9. Universal Parcel – Jakub Flow Republic
  10. Xmas Santa Clause – Flow Republic
  11. Flower Racing – Ladies Be Architects
  12. Wine & SunFlowers – Ladies Be Architects
  13. Constructus Temporary Buildings – Jan 2021 – By Andrew Hart
  14. Musicians Incorporated – Feb 2021 – By Andrew Hart
  15. Hire Me Services – March 2021 – By Andrew Hart
  16. Greens & Veg – Apr 2021 – By Andrew Hart
  17. Roads for Everyone – June 2021 – By Andrew Hart
  18. High End Clothing – Aug 2021 – By Andrew Hart
  19. Packt Lightning Utility – By Tameem Bahri
  20. Packt Pioneer Auto– By Tameem Bahri
  21. Packt Digital– By Tameem Bahri
  22. Packt Innovative Retailers– By Tameem Bahri
  23. Packt Medical Equipment– By Tameem Bahri
  24. Packt Modern Furniture – By Tameem Bahri
  25. Packt Online Wizz– By Tameem Bahri
  26. Packt United Builders – By Tameem Bahri
  27. Packt Visiting Angels – By Tameem Bahri

Please drop comments below if you know more scenarios that can be added to this list. Few of the scenarios don’t have a download links, if you know where to find it, let us know.

5 Predictions About Salesforce+ Streaming Service

Salesforce Plus

Last month on Aug 10, Salesforce announced one product that nobody expected – Salesforce+. Till this point, there is no clear information about what exactly this product is, and other than business streaming which other area it would address?

If we think about all products & acquisitions Salesforce did, it completely made sense like Cloudcraze, Mulesoft, Wave Analytics, Tableau, Slack, etc. All the above products fit very well with enterprise customer’s needs today. The question is how does streaming fit in the Salesforce ecosystem? I was asking this question to myself in the last few weeks and I think I may be able to convince you why this is a great move.

If I ask you, in the last 2 years which product you have been using almost daily in your work life? All kinds of digital tools like Zoom or Webex for meetings, Youtube, Udemy or Pluralsight for training, Online degree, Netflix or Disney, etc for entertainment. Almost all of the above applications have one common thing directly or indirectly – VIDEO.

This week is Dreamforce 2021 and before Salesforce makes any announcement below are my top 5 predictions about this product other than streaming for business.

1. Live Stream for Salesforce Developers and Admins

Salesforce developers, admins, MVPs, Group Leaders, and release teams generate thousands of videos every year. Right now all videos are uploaded on youtube and in my opinion, it makes sense for Salesforce to find a new home for all these videos.

Definitely, youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform on the planet but there are many capabilities that are missing or annoying. Example – There is no control on which video would be displayed on my dashboard or which video would be recommended.

Also, youtube makes money from advertisements, it would be interesting to see whats Salesforce plans to capitalize on this product.

By limiting content type only to business-related, Salesforce would have control over a few of the problems of public platforms like Youtube.

Global Salesforce CTAs

We are a Gang of Four (GoF) passionate and motivated individuals, brought together by various community events, and here we are together again for giving back to the community. We live in different parts of the world, and we have to align different time zones with connecting. Still, we all shared a common ambition of achieving the most coveted title in the Salesforce ecosystem Salesforce CTA. During the last year of our preparation, we connected almost daily to discuss ideas, solving hypothetical scenarios, and give each other valuable and essential feedback. And here we are with 100% success; all of us are Salesforce CTA now.

Our journey doesn’t stop here, as our thirst for learning has become an integral part of our life. We want to channel our energy and effort to keep learning from our fellow community members and contribute to the success of others who are on the journey of becoming Salesforce CTA.

We are here to share our experience and learn from yours on your architect journey. Whether you just started your career or are already a seasoned architect, we are here to collaborate and help each other.