CTA Mock Review- Chetan Chugh- Green House Recycling- Data and Integration Retake

Chetan Chugh did a CTA mock review board with Gang Of Four in Aug 2021 before his review board.

Details of Mock :

  • Scenario – Green House Recycling– Data and Integration- Retake
  • Preparation Time – 1.5 Hours
  • Presentation – 30 Mins
  • Q&A – 42 Mins
  • Feedback – 30 Mins
  • Mock Judges- Ram Babu Singh, Waruna Buwaneka and Vinay Sail

It was an excellent mock, and Chetan was very precise in presentation, and he was able to defend his solution well.

Here are the recording:


We are incredibly proud of Chetan & congratulate him on completing the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Certification.

Chetan Chugh’s LinkedIn post announcing his CTA result:

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